I Must Not Have Enough Faith: I got the flu…

Prosperity preachers would have you believe that if bad things happen to you then you are not living a life of faith. Or perhaps you are not giving enough money to their ministries. Something in your spiritual life must be wrong. Of course, there is no way it has anything to do with the fact that we live in a fallen world.

Last week, I suffered greatly with the flu. It was a long week with lots of soup and medicine and a lot of sleep. But I have almost recovered. However, I don’t believe for one second that my flu was the result of a lack of faith. It is the result of living in a fallen world where death and sickness abound.

We do not have a glorified body in this life. We will get sick, no matter how much faith we have, and we will die. That’s the nature of the curse.

Earlier this year I wrote about going into trials. It is part of the human experience, especially for a Christian. Jesus told us that these things would happen. It is not due to a lack of faith necessarily.

The Danger of False Teachers (And what to do about them)

False teachers abound in the church today. From “Prosperity Doctrine,” to the denial of Christ’s Deity, you do not have to search long or hard for these glaring errors. So how should we handle false teacher? Does Scripture give us any indication as to how we should proceed? The answer is an overwhelming YES! In fact, false teachers were a major problem in the New Testament as well and there is plenty of instruction on what we should do. Continue reading