Australia Schools To Force Gender/Religion Exploration

A news report recently came out that in Australia kids in grade school will be required to wear clothes from the opposite gender as well as other religions. According to the article, this is being introduced in 10 schools in Perth.

As the global morality continues to fall into chaos we must be on guard and defend truth.

With regard to gender, we must uphold the biological order. You are born with a gender. It is not something that you can choose. It is not a feeling, nor is it an emotion. You are either a man or a woman and your biology determines this. It is not something to be explored.

What needs to happen is this, if someone is confused about their gender, they need to be helped to see the truth. They do not need to be encouraged to destroy their life by making a series of bad choices because society wants to be accepting. They need the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With regard to exploring other religions. This is the scarier of the two requirements in my opinion. Children should not be indoctrinated by the school systems. They should be brought up in their home. This is a great danger to Christian families who have impressionable children that go to one of these ten schools.

As Christians we must continue to stand for truth. We must share the truth of Scripture. Only Scripture should guide our decision making in these cultural issues. God help us.