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Turning Over Tables (John 2:13-25)

Turning Over Tables (John 2:13-25)

At the end of John chapter two, we see Jesus turning over the tables in the Temple. Jesus had anger, righteous anger. He did not want to see His Father’s house defiled.

Jesus was not worried about the feelings of those who he was rebuking. He was not worried about being politically correct. He was worried about truth and righteousness. He was worried about the perception of the Father, not the perception of man.

When the Jewish Leaders challenged His authority He stunned them by saying that if they tore down the Temple, He would rebuild it in three days’ time. Of course, He was not talking about the building they were standing in. The Temple He was referring to was His body and the future resurrection.

But the Jews did not understand. In fact, they used this quotation of Christ to mock Him at the cross.

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