Book Review: Expository Exaltation

John Piper’s new book Expository Exaltation focuses on the majesty of the preaching of the Word of God in corporate worship. The book is centered on Piper’s belief that preaching is a biblical mandate within corporate worship. Above all, Piper contends that preaching the Word of God is an act of worship in itself and must be the forefront of any worship service.

Piper first explores the history of worship services within the New Testament Church. He argues that corporate worship was actually a daily activity and not just something done on Sundays. This, of course, can be seen in the book of Acts as we see the early church doing life together, not just on Sundays. Piper explains that the inner essence of this daily worship is being satisfied with all that God has for us in Christ and savoring the glory of God in Christ.

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