Is Mormonism Christian?

I recently completed a series for a group of teen boys on world religions. I included Mormonism in the list of false religions (along with Islam, Roman Catholicism, and Secular Humanism) and explained some of the falsehoods of the religion.

Let me make something very clear, Mormonism is a cult. That must be understood. They put all of their allegiance into one man, Joseph Smith,

Smith was a fanatic who was looking for relevance in the mid-1800s. He was able to trick enough people into believing his lies that, now, Mormonism has millions of adherents.

So what are some problems with Mormonism? Well there are a few large ones that stand out.

First, Joseph Smith translated plates containing “Reformed Egyptian Hieroglyphics,” to write the Book of Mormon. Here is the problem. There is no such thing as Reformed Egyptian Hieroglyphics and even if they did exist they would not have been used in the Americas.

Second, the Book of Mormon contains vast direct quotations from the King James Bible. Now why is that a major problem? The plates supposedly disappeared in 420AD before being found by Joseph Smith again centuries later. The King James Bible was written over 1200 years after this date and has been well documented on how they translated the KJV. There is no reasonable explanation as to why there would be direct quotes 1200 years later from plates that had been lost to the known world.

This is because the plates never existed, Joseph Smith was a fraud and millions have been deceived by his lies.

It is hard to get Mormons to see the truth. They have been so deceived and brainwashed that they just spit back the answers of their “church” without thinking for themselves or actually studying Scripture on their own.

No, Mormonism is not Christian. It is a cult. We must be sure to pray for everyone who has been deceived by this false religion that they may find Christ and that God will turn their hearts toward him.

The (Sad) State of Christianity

I have been witness to things over the years that makes my skin crawl. The state of the church universal, but particularly in the United States and Europe, is appalling. 500 years ago, Martin Luther sparked a Reformation that would forever change the course of church and human history. His courage and steadfastness in his search for truth is inspiring and served the church well. God did, and continues to use Luther in a mighty way.

However, today we are in need of reformation again. The church is falling back into darkness. We see a renewal to have bonds with the Roman Catholic Church that continues in its heresy. We see the rise of LGBT sympathizers in the church defying God and His created order. We see prosperity gospel being preached through the lands. We see the gifts of tongues being abused and falsified.

While all of this is happening we see the church losing the culture. Christianity is no longer an acceptable position in the eyes of the culture. This is nobody’s fault but the church. We have lost our way. We are more worried about appeasing the lost rather than telling the truth to the lost. We cater our church services to the lost which leaves us with shallow theology in the service leading to theological illiteracy in the pew.

Scripture has also lost its place as the source of truth that we are to live by. Science, which changes frequently, has replaced the Bible. Evolution is the mantra of the day despite the fact it goes directly against logic and what the Creator has told us happened. Are we really that wise? No.

Paul tells us in Romans that because we defy God we are left to our own ways. Professing ourselves, the human race, to be wise, we are becoming fools.

Where is the church? Where are the godly leaders? Where is Scripture? Why are we not fighting back? Are we afraid? Or do we just not care?

Church it is time for a new reformation. We must bring back biblical standards and authority. We must bring back rich theology. We must rediscover that the church is to feed the believers so that we can go out and preach to the lost. Stand up church!