On Leaving This Life

This week we have been celebrating the life of a family member that has gone home to be with the Lord. I was able to speak at the funeral and remind people that being a good person, being loved by those around you, or being special, does not get you a ticket into Heaven. Only faith in Christ earns you that right.

It is through Christ alone that we are able to obtain salvation. There is no other way. You can’t get there by Allah, Buddha, the sun, or any other “god” or belief. You must have faith in Jesus Christ.

RE: Talking Points for the One Church Plan — People Need Jesus

by Chris Ritter The group “Mainstream UMC” made a deposit in my inbox last week entitled “Talking Points for the One Church Plan.” Formed by Rev. Mark Holland of Kansas, Mainstream UMC is organized for the express purpose of passing the One Church Plan (OCP) at General Conference 2019. This plan would reverse or make […]

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