Would I Ever Be Roman Catholic?

There was a question asked a few weeks ago about what it would take for me to consider being a Roman Catholic. The short answer is nothing would convince me. However, I also understand a fuller explanation is warranted.

The Catholic Church is not a biblical church. It does not matter that the claim they have apostolic succession. First, there is no such claim made in Scripture. And it is not fundamental belief that Peter was the rock that the church was built on. That is debated. It is also clear that Peter was not the leader of all Christianity in the apostolic era. Paul, for example, did not follow Peter. Peter was not over Paul in any way. So the idea of the Roman Catholic Church being the “one true church” is ridiculous on its face.

Second, the Catholic Church does not follow Scripture. Sure they use Scripture and they also abuse it. They have absurd beliefs such as the sinlessness of Mary, Mary’s perpetual virginity, transubstantiation, and many other beliefs that simply are not found in Scripture. They believe in a works-based salvation no matter how much they try to claim otherwise.

They are a church that has fallen to the corruption of humanity under the “leadership” of corrupt popery. They, in fact, are not a Christian Church.

That is not to say that there are no Christians in the Catholic Church. I believe there are. I would also urge those brothers and sisters to get out of Rome’s false church as fast as humanly possible and get to a Bible Teaching church.