Why The Global Methodist Church Is Doomed Before It Starts

It was recently announced that the “traditional” answer to the United Methodist Church, the Global Methodist Church, will be officially starting in May of this year. They claim that they are fundamentally different and are fixing the errors of the UMC. But is that really true? I do not believe so.

The core problems of the United Methodist Church are not one of structure, though that is certainly a problem, nor are they the human sexuality issues of the culture today. The core problem of the United Methodist Church is that they do not stand on Scripture alone. It appears that this will also be the case in the Global Methodist Church which means that it is doomed to fail before it begins.

For example, the Global Methodist Church will still have women clergy despite this being prohibited by Scripture (Titus 1:5-9; 1 Timothy 3:1-7). This again is going on the tradition of Methodism, and not Scripture. So, if the Global Methodist Church is willing to compromise Scripture in favor of tradition, then how are they any different than the UMC? How will they not be in the same boat the UMC is today in five, ten, or fifteen years? I believe the answer is they will be in that exact same position.

Another problem I see is with Salvation. They literally list on their website the “Wesleyan Way of Salvation.” Friends, there is only one way of Salvation, and it should have no man’s name attached to it.

They also put extra emphasis on John Wesley, just as Methodism has done for decades. The fact that a denomination is so centered on one man, who is not named Jesus Christ, is troubling. Now, I am not saying that they do not follow Jesus. But he is not the sole focus. You can say that he is all that you want, but in actual practice, that is not true. Until the Global Methodist Church abandons everything but Scripture, they will continue to fall into error.

I may be missing something, and I’m sure people will be ready to tell me what I am missing (and that is ok!), but it seems to me that the GMC is just a rebranding of the UMC with the exception of the LGBT push and some changes to property.