The Truth of Genesis

The Truth of Genesis

Is Genesis literal?

This is a question that keeps popping up year after year in circle after circle. People say that we cannot harmonize Genesis with modern-day “science” and therefore Genesis should be taken figuratively and not literally. But where is the truth in that? If the opening chapters of Genesis cannot be taken literally when do we begin to take it literally? Is any of the Bible literal?

The problem of rejecting Genesis is that you must then reject the rest of Scripture as well. You cannot have redemption without a fall. And you can’t have a fall without a creation.

But people insist on saying that Genesis cannot be literal. So they try and explain it away. A day must not actually mean a literal day. It must mean long epochs of time. But is that plausible? The sequence of Genesis 1 does not allow for this. After all, there was evening and morning to fulfill each of the six days of creation.

And here is the thing, true science does not reject the truth of Genesis. True science actually affirms the Genesis account. There are great organizations like the Institute for Creation Research that exist for the purpose of showing how science and the Bible agree. But there will always be those that deny the truth.

To deny Genesis is to deny Scripture. And to deny Scripture is to deny God Himself We either believe the Bible or we do not. You cannot have it both ways.

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  1. Progressive Christians are on a continual mission to negate scripture that’s too hard to explain, or doesn’t fit a “new” social narrative. This post reminds me of the progressive argument that the scriptures on homosexuality don’t apply today. They say those verses were written for a different people in a different time. Progressives go on set aside all scripture that doesn’t fit their social narrative. As a traditionalist, I believe that the Bible is the divine inspiration of God.

    I agree the Bible was written to a different people in a different time. But, I also believe it was written for us in the here and now. I never ceased to be amazed at how the Bible speaks to every situation we experience today. How can the Bible be so applicable to our lives today, while so many look to set aside what they don’t like. My read of history tells me that people have not liked verses from time to time for hundreds if not thousands of years. So what’s changed . In the year 2020 progressives want to delete and rewrite the Bible to suit personal need.

    Just last month I wrote a post about the new “Queer James Bible,” available on Amazon. You can’t make this stuff up. It has literally come down to “if we don’t like it, we’ll rewrite it.” If there are verses progressives don’t like and want to set aside for all kinds slightly strange reasons, then what parts of the Bible do they like and why?

    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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