J.D. Greear and Gender-Neutral Pronouns

J.D. Greear and Gender-Neutral Pronouns

J.D. Greear (courtesy of jdgreear.com)

I have been meaning to write about this for quite some time and just have not gotten around to it. But it was widely reported back in November 2019, that Southern Baptist Convention President, JD Greear, has called for the use of Gender-Neutral Pronouns to be more hospitable to those who call themselves transgender.

When I first read this I assumed it must be some sort of joke or satire. But it was not. It was published on Greear’s website as well. So I decided to look more into what Greear actually has said and what he is advocating for.

First, he does state that gender is determined by DNA:

The real answer is genetics: However things look on the outside, sex (male/female) is hardwired into our DNA.

J.D. Greear

However, Greear qualifies this by going into modern-day qualifiers that muddy the waters. He then goes on to describe intersex individuals, which is a known anomaly but definitely not the normal course of events in human DNA and makeup.

And finally, he gets to Gender Pronouns. What are we to do with pronouns for people who refuse to acknowledge, or are confused about, the sex that they have been given by God? Here is what Greear says:“When we apply Paul’s linguistic approach to the pronouns we use about transgender people, I believe we arrive at a posture of pronoun hospitality: a willingness to accommodate the pronouns of our transgender neighbors regardless of our own views about the Christian ethics of gender identity” (11.10).

Based off of Acts 17

J. D. Greear

So Greear goes the “hospitable” route on gender pronouns. But why? Why should we do this?

In this position, Greear misses the mark of biblical fidelity. If we allow people to use preferred pronouns, as opposed to the pronouns that actually describe their gender, we are allowing them legitimacy in their sin. People who support this viewpoint can say that is not the case but it is. Why would you let someone continue in the lie that they portray every time they say they are something that they are not? There is simply no justification for it other than to say you have sold out to the culture.

One thought on “J.D. Greear and Gender-Neutral Pronouns

  1. This is just another sign of what we used to think of as mainstream denominations bowing to less than 4% of population. I’ve written about this ad nauseam and my conclusion is always the same. When I Google the word “gender,” the reply I get for now is “either of two sexes.” Now let’s be clear, liberals and progressives are working overtime to change that definition. But, the Bible is very clear on this, God created man and woman.

    The issue of intersex should not drive the creation of a pronoun to describe those individuals. The Intersex Society of America is very clear that they are either male or female. Genetic testing helps solve this issue for them. So why are progressives trying to redefine these folks as if they have the cure.

    Progressives are simply lost in a Biblical world that is very black and white. Progressives weren’t always lost, but for some reason they took the exit that said “under construction – keep out.”

    I have used this story to illustrate the United Methodist Church in particular, going far left for no reason. Suppose you attended a church with exactly 100 active members in the congregation. Then one day four little old ladies from the congregation show up at a church council meeting. The chair of the council asks the four ladies if they have any concerns. The four ladies announce they are vegans, and are absolutely opposed to others in the congregation eating meat. They go on to say no meat products can ever be served at church gatherings without offending them. They not only want the congregation to convert to vegan, but they insist it is necessary to ensure inclusiveness of themselves and other vegans in the community.

    Now I ask you, as a member of the church council are you going to vote that the other 96 members of the congregation cease bringing meat dishes to potlucks, and that they begin to transition to vegan to be more inclusive of the four little old vegan ladies.

    This is exactly what played out in the UMC. Less four percent of the collective membership of the UMC insisted the church change to accommodate them, and make them feel more included. This is the very definition of insanity. This is the UMC today.

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