The Lost Art of Writing Letters

What I am writing about today isn’t so much about theology but it is something I believe is important. That subject is the discipline of writing letters. Unfortunately, in the age of technology, letter writing is something that has been lost. We go to our mailboxes and all we see are bills, political ads, and credit card offers. We get plenty of junk in our postal mail just like in our email. But what do you feel if you get an actual handwritten letter? Or even a typed letter from someone you know? It’s exciting!

I have been trying this year to be disciplined in writing regular letters. Emails are great, but they are not the same thing as receiving a letter. We also know that the written word is powerful. It can build up, or it can tear down. So here is some of the types of letters I have written this year.

  • Letters to the sick
  • Letters to the discouraged
  • Letters to political leaders
  • Letters to churches
  • Letters to church leaders
  • Letters of encouragement
  • Letters of question
  • Letters of rebuke

What I have found in all of these is that people are appreciative of the written word. Ok, maybe not so much from the letters of rebuke, though I have received written responses for those as well. Emails are cheap and can be very impersonal. But a letter shows that someone cared enough to spend time, effort, and money to send them something personal.

I don’t think this is a coincidence. After all, the majority of the New Testament was delivered to us as letters. Letters are powerful. My encouragement to you today is to think of someone you have something to say to and sit and write a letter. It will be a great experience. Rediscover the lost art (and joy) of letter writing.

One thought on “The Lost Art of Writing Letters

  1. Laura November 11, 2019 / 10:15 am

    My main blog is my Christian one, but I also have a blog called Postman’s Treasure about the lost art of letter writing — So your post caught my eye. Letter writing by post (writing pen pals) has been my hobby since age 14 and I have never stopped. I have been at it 35 years!
    However, more in line with your post, I also try to write notes to other people in my life – that is, besides my pen pals – such as notes of encouragement, to the sick, etc. I still send Christmas cards with personal notes written in each one. A letter is more personal and can “connect” with someone in a way that a text or e-mail does not. As Christians, particularly in our technological age where people can feel isolated even though they are communicating, letter writing can be a way to reach out with the love of Christ.
    You may or may not be familiar with the Christian apologist and philosopher Douglas Groothius, but he had a post on letter writing. It was so good. Here it is:

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