Thoughts on the United Methodist Church

Thoughts on the United Methodist Church

I go to a United Methodist Church. I sometimes preach at a United Methodist Church. But I have real problems with the United Methodist Church.

This year at GC2019, the church decided to strengthen the ban on LGBT in the Book of Discipline. Of course, this should never have even been a question. Scripture is clear that practicing homosexuality, professing homosexuality, and anything else that falls within LGBT is sin. Romans 1 makes this abundantly clear as do other places in Scripture.

Yet, there is a large part of the United Methodist Church that seeks to ignore, twist, and distort these passages to fit their political views or to appease people, or to just not have to make the hard and tough decisions.

In the months following the February decision to enact the Traditional Plan, we have seen an active push from One Church Plan supporters, and other plan supporters to undermine the decision. There are active pushes to elect new delegates that would overturn the decision. There have been Judicial Council complaints. There has been flat out defiance and rebellion against the plan. So where does this leave us? What are we to do?

If the Bishops will not enforce the discipline, and, in fact, keep helping to undermine the duly passed Traditional Plan, then the United Methodist Church needs to dissolve or remove Bishops who will not enforce the polices of the church. Since the latter is not going to happen, dissolution is our only option.

Those who seek to follow the Bible cannot stay in fellowship with those who defy Scripture. 2 John 11-13 clearly states that we are not to maintain connection with those who do not follow Christ’s teachings in the church.

The UMC has come to an end. There is no unity. It is a false unity. Continuing with this broken fellowship, this unyoked fellowship, only hurts the body of Christ.

It is my recommendation that at GC2020 they just end it all. Let all the churches go their own ways and decide for themselves whether they will follow the LGBT culture, or follow God’s Word.

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  1. I agree with your assessment of the biblical teaching on homosexuality but I’m not sure that now is the time for United Methodists to leave. The more biblically-oriented United Methodists just won a surprise victory. The push-back is not surprising. In other words, the battle isn’t finished.

    1. They did, but there is also a major shift to elect delegates that will overturn that decision and that effort has been succeeding. This will not stop. We are not to have communion with them. The victory means nothing if the Bishops don’t uphold the decision with their discipline.

  2. I have good news and bad news. The good news is the denomination will dissolve next year. The bad news is the denomination will dissolve next year. We split from the UMC this past August. Our split wan’t directly tied to the issues of gay clergy or gay weddings. Stewardship inside the UMC was a huge reason we split. Bishops no longer following the Discipline was another reason we left, but more so than anything else the denomination was no longer united, and our conference was no longer walking with Christ.

  3. If progressives are successful in their attempt to stack the (delegates) deck at next years conference, I have been advocating that every congregation that want’s to leave the UMC and is stonewalled, simply stop paying apportionments. If that fails to be successful, abandon church property and move to the local middle school. Conferences cannot afford to pay the debt on abandoned churches. The episcopal fund that pays bishops is slated to run out of money in 2023 under the current construct. That will be accelerated should large numbers of churches without apportionments and or abandon church property.

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