Time To Build The Kingdom?

In Haggai’s first chapter we see a rebuke of the people of Israel for allowing the Temple to lay in ruin after their return from exile. On the surface, this seems reasonable, the Temple had been destroyed while the Jews were exiled out of the land and they did not immediately rebuild when the returned. However, they saw fit to rebuild their houses with possible lavishness.

God recognized that Israel would not rebuild the Temple without prompting. It was simply not a priority for them. They were too busy with their own endeavors to bother themselves with the Lord’s house.

There are many parallels with Israel and the Church today, particularly in America. How many times is there something that God has told us to do but we put it off? We put it off out of fear or perhaps inconvenience. We have other pursuits. Jobs, hobbies, family, the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of God is waiting. It is waiting to be staffed with the people of God. It is waiting for a generation to rise up and do the Lord’s work.

This does not mean that we have to give up everything and go into full time ministry. But there is something for everyone in the church to do. What are your gifts and talents? What can you do for God’s glory in His house?

It is time to build the Kingdom!