Banning the Bible

Banning the Bible

In the State of California, a bill has passed the General Assembly banning the sale of any goods or service that would seek to correct the behaviors related to homosexuality or transgenderism. This is the latest attack from the LGBTQ lobby against anyone who would dare to stand in their way. Remember, “tolerance” is the word of the day as long as you hold to their worldview and their worldview alone. But as Bible-believing Christians we cannot hold to that worldview. It goes directly in the face of Scripture.

There are many places in Scripture that condemn the LGBTQ lifestyle but Romans 1 probably makes the point more clear than all of them. Paul says that the LGBTQ lifestyle is unnatural, shameful, corrupt and unrighteous. In other words, it is sinful. It is a black and white issue, there is no gray area.

For centuries in this country, Christians have been able to speak this truth freely. However, over the last decade, we have seen this quickly begin to evaporate. But California wants to put a stop to it completely. The new bill would silence counselors, conference speakers, and workshop leaders. It bans the sale of any book that would help a person see the errors of their sin in the areas of homosexuality and transgenderism and turn to a life of Christ.

If this scenario is not concerning enough on its own we need to follow it to its logical conclusion the bill can be read and interpreted in such a way that, due to passages like Romans 1, the Bible itself would be illegal to sell. Sure this bill, if signed into law, will go to the courts to stop it but we can no longer count on the courts after decisions like Obergefell v. Hodges.

To those who have thought that this type of persecution would never happen in the United States, I beg you to wake up! It is happening. We can only expect it to get worse.

UPDATE: This bill was ultimately not passed into law and died as inactive.

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